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The internet is back! Praise the Lord!!! *hums*


So it is still Mother's Day, and yeah, with the internet up again I can post pictures of the presents I got for the penguinboyfriend's mum and my own mother.

The ever-familiar brown box of happiness!

My mum's pressie:

The penguinboyfriend's mum's pressie:

So once again, everyone is happy. They loved their presents, which was just great.

Anyway, helped my mum carry stuff to and from her office. And pretty much spent the whole day with my family (which is an occurence so rare these days). That was about it. How did you spend Mother's Day?

ah ling

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How come your penguin's mother's mother's day pressie is nicer that your mum's? Lol.

I want my son to have a girlfriend like you! Lol. ;p

doesn't seem like it but my mum's cost more than the penguin's mum's pressie, LOL. And of course-lah, I am a nice person ROTFL

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