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ah ling advocates staring.

I advocate staring. In other words I encourage the penguinboyfriend to stare at other chicks. Is this bad? NO. Is this wrong? Maybe.

But I'm fine with it. Really.

"Stop reading what I'm writing my dear penguinboyfriend".

Sorry, the penguinboyfriend was looking at whatever I'm typing right now.

That day at the Curve, we were eating at the Japanese restaurant (forgot the name, it's next to Paddington Pancakes if you want to check it out. Green tea is only RM 1.50 a pot!!) and I was staring at people walking by, so I asked the penguinboyfriend to 'kap lui' (check chicks out). I pointed out some aunties and he was like "My God, why aunties? No 'chun' chicks meh?"


It's no isolated incident when I get him to check out chicks. I guess I'm fine with that since there is no fear of him cheating on me (or is there? Darling, if you ever cheat on me I'll come over and snap your cock in two hor, so don't cross the line)<--taken from Borat.

Do you mind your partner checking out members of the opposite sex (or same sex if you're gay/lesbian)? Or do you get pissed? Tell me-lah actually I just want some comments.

ah ling

I don't mind!!

Cos I check chicks out myself!

And Omair checks men out with me! Lol! Omair finds Wentworth Miller HOT! Lol!

Miss you la womannnn!!

Exams' finishing soon and my birthday this year will be so sad! Boo hoo!

heheh, that's nice to hear....penguin checks out guys with me too..in a way, lol. i miss you!! hopefully my results are okay, then i should be on my way there!! yay!

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