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There is a reason for everything,

and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why I'm broke:

The brown bag of love...

And what was inside it:

Say hi to my new baby Carly....

Prolly I won't have enough time to use it to the maximum as I'll be leaving soon.

Yes, I'm going!!!

*throws confetti and papers lying around*

ah ling

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Hey hey! I haven't been to your site in ages, sorry. :) The bag is nice! =)
Where are you going, btw?

Brenda! You're back!! =)

I thought you had shut down your blog permanently..

thanks! I'll be leaving on the 31st (this thursday).

I know.. Long story. I accidentally lost my blog, so I started blogging somewhere else.. And I just recently got my old one back. :)

Hope you're enjoying the new place! :)

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