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Active sandals.

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I remember, back in the days when I had a pair of Reef sandals which I got from Roxy at a steal (if I remember correctly it was only around RM 30 at the time?) The thing is, I really really loved those pair of sandals and would wear them almost everywhere since I got them in black colour (and black pretty much goes with everything!).Until one day, when my mum stepped on my left sandal just as I lifted my leg to walk. *sigh* End of storysandal. I was heartsick for quite a long time after that, and honestly, I still have not quite gotten over the fact that my beloved Reef sandals are gone.

But out with the old, in with the new, right? Nah, I am just trying to pacify myself while sounding all philosophical and optimistic. In fact, what I would say would be that I want them all! Like if you check out
Active Sandals, you can in fact see that there are actually more to life than Reef, and they come in the forms of Birkenstocks (!!), both for men and women, Crocs sandals, Teva sandals, and interestingly enough, a brand I've never heard of (not because it is not popular, probably because Malaysia never stocks the brand. But then again, we can't get many brands here compared to overseas), a brand called Rainbow Sandals.All in all, a pretty good selection of sandals that I wish we had over here *sighs again*.


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