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Is it me or is it the connection again?

It definitely can't be my computer anymore (bought additional RAM yesterday and the penguinboyfriend fixed it for me already, yay!) so it must be the connection to that one particular page. *sigh* at this rate even my (late) tortoises could have crawled all the way up the hill to the park and back down to my house already before making babies a few times and I still wouldn't be able to access to my album, damnit.

eh, woman i changed my blog address..how are u doing..the bat was freaking cute..know where i can actually buy one?

okay, do you want me to update the links? the bat was taken back all the way from kuantan, not sure where you can actually buy one, but my bf's bat is 'hanging around' the house, it doesnt know how to look for food on its own.

btw, bat tastes like chicken. ^_^

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