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Anyone up for Friendfinder.com?

*sponsored post*

But of course, I have always believed that if you do not go looking for love, love comes knocking on your door(based on my own personal experiences). But if you are a non-believer of what I just wrote above, or if you wish to dispute my claims, by all means go ahead. Don't expect cupid to just 'tembak'(shoot) wildly with his arrows and that you will be the next lucky one in line for love. Instead, give cupid a break and give your fate a helping hand by trying out FriendFinder.com.

Let me see, for me, my own online relationships never really lasted to really constitute as a 'real relationship'. I mean I never did get around to prolonging the online relationship (but I did chat everyday, I mean, yeah, using the Internet for activities like these is addictive!), but looking back, it would have been really interesting to see how things might have turned out.

Anyway, I digress. Back to what I want to say, if you are not looking for love, then look at FriendFinder as a site for meeting new friends. Not only are there 1,824,275 active members(at the time of me browsing through), but there are also blogs
of members there, so who knows? As corny as it sounds, you may actually find your kindred spirit/soul mate there. You tell me, how much more easier can it get to find a new friend?

I like the fact that there are chat rooms there, which makes life a whole lot easier than finding out someone's email address and then adding that person on an IM service. Go try it out, and if you do find your soul mate there, please remember to thank ah ling and don't forget to give me a reward okay?


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