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York, York (Not New York-lah).Picture heavy. Part 1

A much belated post about the trip to York. Just looked through my pictures and I realised that none were blur this time around. Nice!

On the way there :

(another customary scenery photo with cows. The dots are cows in case you can't make out what they are)

I finally got to see ducks swimming in the pond!! Didn't get to feed them though since I didn't have any bread with me.

I was so thrilled that I took another picture of the ducks.

And another. Admit that the pair of white ducks swimming together are pretty.

Syiok-lah seeing so many ducks swimming around since the only times I ever get to see ducks back in Malaysia are when I visit the chicken/duck rice seller. That's when I get to see roasted ducks hanging by their necks from the butcher hooks.I miss duck rice =(


First glimpse of Clifford Tower from far.

Getting nearer:

Finally at the foot of the tower:

The square as seen from midway up the hill to the tower:

York Dungeon.Looks like a really good place to have BDSM/bondage sessions inside

Strawberry cheesecake with jelly?

Malaysian kuih-muih??!?!

No-lah. Look closely. They're soap. Nice smelling soap. From mango to strawberry to orange(comes with a real slice of dried orange on top) to loads more scents. The lady was so nice; she let us touch/smell/camhoe with the soap, even showing us how to camwhore =.="""""""

The York cathedral (largest in England) from far. Spot ah Karen. Spoil my picture only lar. Hehehe, joking joking.

Camwhoring with Constantine.

He's still ignoring me.

And again.

He still didn't want my attention, and by this time I was holding up people from camwhoringtaking pictures with him so I did something else.

Upskirt shot time!!

Hahaha, okay, enough for Part 1. More coming later. Have to rush off now, going clubbing later (dunno if it can be classified as clubbing, but okay, clubbing). The penguinboyfriend told me "Try not to "kap jai"(check guys out) too much".


ah ling

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Try pulling his ding-a-ling-aling, if there is still no reponse, he's probably dead anyways...no loss
Btw, whats ur crib's add?

hhahah, i didn't know you left a comment... and i couldn't reach =.=""

will give you my address when i see you online kay?


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