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Get Smorty.

*sponsored post*

Bah. I know the title sounds corny and all, but please do continue reading on. Anyway, I did stumble onto something interesting, where you can sell your soulblog and get paid for it. Yes, it is another option for bloggers to get paid for blogging. Advertisers 'hire' bloggers to write opinion posts through Smorty. For me, of course I am all out for it, I mean being paid for something I started many years ago as a hobby? Why not? I never thought I would actually be able to earn cash(in greenbacks too!) for doing what I can do everyday, and at my own leisure too. Hey, if I want to blog I blog, and when I do blog, I get paid to blog. Great incentive man!

I like it because me blog got approved really quickly, and on top of that suitable campaigns are emailed to you, which means that off even if you do not log in, you do not have to fret since you still get a chance to blog for cash.

Bloggers, you guys have nothing to lose. Go check it out for yourselves if you do not believe me.


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