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Cruel summer...

If the title sounds familiar, that is because it is the name of a song, to be more specific a song sung by Ace Of Base. And I say that this summer is so because it has been FREEZING. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has been FREEZING. If there were no wind it would be fine, but the wind has been horrifically strong. OMFG okay. And I always thought that since it is summer, we would be able to wear what we normally do back in Malaysia. WRONG. I WAS SO FREAKIN' WRONG. Yes, granted it does get sunny (can actually count on the number of fingers on one hand how many sunny days we've got, pfffttt), but it is so cold.

Enough raving and ranting about the weather, here's a very novel way of keeping the streets clean.

Don't worry mum, I litter everywhere anyway.

ah ling

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