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Clubbing @ Leadmill

Remember that day I wrote that I was supposed to go clubbing?

Well I did.

For the first time ever, I WALKED to a club and back, carrying an UMBRELLA. How damn sad is that?

Beer here is so cheap compared to drinking in clubs back in Malaysia. One bottle of Carlsberg (slightly smaller than normal bottles in Malaysia) was only 60p. Times that by the exchange rate of 6.8 and you get a beer for only RM4.08. WTF?!?!?!

There are even boxes inside the club for you to slot the bottles in after you've finished, but there were bottles EVERYWHERE, kinda like at raves I've been to where instead of knocking into handsome guys, you have to be careful not to kick or trip on bottles and fall flat on your face or on even more bottles.

They played Fredde Le Grande's Put Your Hands Up for Detroit! But it wasn't even the full version -___-" Nice to know that the last time i heard it being spun was in Maison by Joey G on his Twisted Friday's set, and that I heard it again here. Music is THE universal language, baybeh!!


ah ling

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60p for beer? Wtf damn cheap!!

Try going to London. 5 quid for a pint. BLOODY RIDICULOUS!!

Why so expensive over there wan?!

I know, real cheap kan?

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