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Mixing business with pleasure.


When I say mix business with pleasure, I sure as heck am NOT talking about sleeping with your boss (okay, what you deem as mixing business with pleasure anyway). What I mean is that should you always try to take time off to enjoy yourself even though you're at a hotel for work. People heading for the
Microsoft MGX meeting take heed! Especially since International Plaza Resort & Spa is offering a Microsoft MGX Special Rate of $119 a night(even though it's not expensive, I think you businessmen get to claim travel expenses from the company, right?) It's situated within walking distance to the convention centre (so you don't sweat it out walking to and from the resort) and it is also within walking distance away from restaurants and other attractions. On top of that, should you suddenly feel the urge to bring out the inner child in you, take the complimentary transportation provided to the major theme parks nearby like Universal Studios and Seaworld Orlando. And should you just feel like relaxing and soaking up the sun, you could always opt to lounge beside the waterfall at their lavish lagoon pool and check out hot babes in bikinis sip on cocktails.
If you do go there do take advantage of the free wifi service and use it to come by ah ling's blog and say hi yah?

*The proceeds from this post is going to Habitat for Humanity*


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