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Burn notice.

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You see, sometimes, one of the hardest things to do in the world is to just blend into the crowd, especially if you do not want to be seen or recognized. The next most difficult thing to do is to blend in to the crowd if you are spying on following someone who knows who you are and what you look like.

Gosh, I think I would fail miserably if I were to be forced to spy on someone right now, especially since I have had no prior training to succeed in this trade. However, give me some time and some training beforehand and I think I would be able to come out with various methods and techniques to avoid being detected.

Sure, having and being able to use an "Invisibility cloak" is all fine and dandy, but does it really exist? The answer to that question is an inevitable "NO", unfortunately or else you would get to spy on people bathing, and vice versa, lol. So how would I keep an eye on the person I am supposed to be following all the time, especially since that wouldn't be possible, realistically speaking, since I'm human and I will still need to go to the toilet, get sidetracked by something else, yadayada? Plant a GPS tracking device on the person-loh. Then you would be able to know and monitor his/her movements.

On top of that, I would have to be a master of disguises (which does NOT constitute only the wearing of dark glasses). It would mean that I would always have to have another identity ready on hand at all times, ready to fit into wherever without attracting unwanted attention, which would most definately guarantee the success of my missions.

But of course, to be a top-notch spy and still be able to survive dangerous missions, I would have to be trained in weaponry to fend for myself should the need arise. Yeah, it ain't easy being a spy.

So watch how a real spy survives using his skills and wits in USA Network's Burn Notice. Go check it out and see for yourself.


Read my take on Burn Notice at http://mytvmusings.com/2007/06/26/burn-notice-premiere/

Done...! =)

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