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York,York (Not New York-lah!) Part 2

Continued from HERE.

Inside here:

was a huge ass park and also what was the ruins of what was once a fortress:

When I was taking this picture,

my friends took candid shots of me taking that photo:


Here's an arch, to see exactly how huge it is, we put ah Karen next to it for comparison:

Camwhoring at the ruins:

Bonus! Included in the picture below is a half-naked 'kwai lo'!!!

in the park, there's a river:

where there were.............

more ducks!!!!!!!!!!

but i didn't take pictures of them again-lah. Bore you guys to death with my duck fetish only.

see the ferris wheel?

picture of the river from the bridge:

before leaving the park i saw shadows which i thought were quite pretty, but just as i snapped the picture below, it got a bit cloudy =.=""""

so you can't really see the cross-shaped shadows. *grrrr*

Look! Holly berries!!

We all "syiok sendiri" only. bah.

Luckily the weather was alot better on that day compared to these few days (it's been pouring non-stop).
If not this people would already get soaked.

The great wall of York. Scary for me to walk on, because most parts of the wall do not, yes, do NOT have grills at the side, which made things even worse for me since I'm damn terrified of heights. Luckily my friends understood and made me walk inside.

So scared I could have pissed in my pants okay.

view while walking on the great wall of York:

And I turned behind to get this picture:

Finally! Huge-ass ferris wheel!!

Okay, that's about it. Visited the National Railway Museum but didn't get any pictures inside because trains don't really interest me.

So here's a picture of a squashed squirrel.

ah ling

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did you flap the squirrel's ear sharron O_o'''''


NO. OMFG, eew. hahaha, but it looked cute though. Ear fetish!! *flapflapflap*

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