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spy gadgets?

*sponsored post*

Gosh darn, when I was much younger I always wanted to be a spy! And I did *Sweat* okay, actually it was something more of being a Private Investigator sort of thing (please, darling friends, don't ask, I want to put it behind me, and NO, I am not talking about spying on my other half either). But anyway, starting from the 28th of June, Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's Burn Notice will show us his skills. Ultimately (and very sad but true), those are skills that I will never possess.

But anyhow, here's a video of me embarrassing myself telling you about how to make a hollow book and why you should sacrifice those textbooks.

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Hey sharron,

If you are teaching people on "how to" make a hollow book. When are you going to start teaching me and heng li on how to make "molotove cocktail"

I wish i knew how to make a molotov cocktail, it would certainly come in handy at some point of my life man. Hahah. Google it up yourself wei.

The easy method to understand everything that happens either in your office or home is by purchasing and setting up spy gadgets. These equipments is also called as nany cams nowadays and this can be fixed easily without any problem.

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