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Sure, it is so easy to covert that new car/truck/SUV your neighbour just bought. But when you feel like buying a bigger and better one, does the mere thought of scraping together the cash to get it give you an instant headache especially when you
think of all the refinancing it is going to take?

At RateGenius, it is so much more easier to refinance whichever vehicle you choose. You get to save money by finding a lender which will provide you with the rate, term and even the amount that fits your lifestyle (so you don't have to scrimp on taking your other half to nice dinners!) by even enjoying up to 60 days till the first payment. Here's more good news : they do not charge for their auto refinance service. With over 36,000 loans(and counting), you can't go wrong.

Time to seriously reconsider getting that sports car, eh?


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