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i remember when..

..Candy was a small white ball of fur. The length from the tips of my fingers to my elbow (around a foot long) with a pink nose(because it was always playing, so kept banging her nose) and big paws. Looked something like this:

labrador puppies normally look sad, and by sad, I don't mean pathetic.

and while she was growing up, she looked a bit like this:

But somehow this dog looks like a male =.="" . Obviously these are so not Candy's photos-lah. Photos taken from HERE , since my lappy is back and i don't have the charger, i can't search for pictures there.

Anyway, the point of this post is to bore all you readers with random pictures of labradors commerate the occasion of the acquisition of my lab nearly 7 years ago when she was nearly 2 months old. I remember the date quite clearly cos' it was a Sunday, Feb 13th and I was only in Form 3(no date for Valentine's Day, so i can remember it clearly-lor).


ah ling

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