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Review My Post

*Sponsored post!*

I really really 'sayang' or love PayPerPost. If you have been noticing some of my past entries which are tagged 'PPP', well, I make money with those posts okay. The people at PPP are really innovative in coming up with easy ways for us mortals to make easy money. How? Well, with the introduction of Review My Post Program, everytime anyone signs up and reviews one of your blog posts, the person reviewing your post earns money. On top of that, the good news is that YOU earn money too! (talk about a win-win situation, eh?)

What are the pros and cons about Review My Post program? Well, I can only think about the fact that by participating in this program, it would help me build blog traffic as well as increasing my income and also generating interest in my site all at once. This would be considered easy money for anyone too (the best part is that it is NOT illegal!). I love the fact that I am getting extra money from them as it means i get to go shopping more often save for a rainy day.

Wanna know how to sign up and be qualified to take part in this program? Firstly, you have to be a blogger. This program would be especially great for you if you don't feel like selling your soul like i did doing sponsored posts. Next, sign up with PayPerPost (if you are kind enough, please put my gmail as your reference yah?) and then from there, just go to 'Affiliate Tools' on your dashboard there and select 'Review My Post' for more details.

Do it quickly! This program is spreading or exploding, if you will, and i'm sure you don't wish to get left out. Remember, it's so uber easy, just add a badge to the end of your posts.

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PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!