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suddenly i feel..

..like being a zebra. (<--no, i'm not crazy, just in denial.) Do zebras have nightmares?

I've been getting nightmares again. Some of my nightmares include:

1)when in Melaka, I dreamt that a guy had me cornered and had already slashed part of my throat and he was going to finish me off with a dagger.

2)dreamt that was chasing (and being chased) by some bad guys underwater and that holding my breath was such a b*tch. After getting away, saw that one of the baddie's kids got a heart attack and died on the news, so i found the bad guy getting on a roller coaster and told him that i was sorry for his loss (i even hugged him okay). WTF?!

3) went to look for the penguin boyfriend to have dinner, saw him feeding a small girl. When i asked him who that was he said "it's my daughter". =.="" Apparently that was his daughter with his ex-gf. =.=""" I was beyond anger at that point (since i was hungry) so I just told him "faster feed her. She looks hungry".

And a lot more nonsense like that. Sheesh.

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