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The cracking earth.

I know, what a weird ass (sic) title right? Let me explain.

Back in my Diploma year, we used to combine lecture halls with other courses for certain subjects. And for one particular subject (forgot what subject already-lah), there used to be a few girls from other courses who would happen to be sitting in front of us most of the time. But that's quite alright see, since, well, normal-lah, other people from other courses sitting all jumbled up in the hall. But i digress.

Anyway, one of the girls (sorry, but she was quite fat ) from the group used to wear really low-riding jeans, so naturally when sitting in front of us we would get a good view of her, erm, to put it delicately (okay, there is no way to say this delicately), her ass crack.

Actually just the ass crack flashing would be fine, since admittedly, a few people would have seen mine (and yours for the matter), and well, hey, it's just an ass crack. But the horror. She had really BAD cellulite AND she had a sun tattoo right over the ass crack.

Now, fathom this; the cellulite looked like really bad cracks on the skin, plus the sun tattoo right over it.

Okay, can't imagine? I help you imagine, okay.

sorry, obviously my drawing sucks but it looks something like this okay. Of course her sun tattoo doesnt look like that but hey! Imagine it for yourself.

And so Jackie said it looked like the sun caused the cracking earth (cos' the sun dried up everything). Hhmmm.... =.=""


Back to Melaka tomorrow. Yay!!

ah ling


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