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Plastic is good.

*Advertisement time*

I'm sure you all know that having plastic is good. And by plastic, I don't mean having plastic surgery. What i'm talking about is that piece (or pieces) of credit cards many of you carry around in your wallets or purses. Recently, a credit card company offered a free television if the customer transferred all outstanding credit card balances to the company's credit card, and many people highlighted this to the media, saying that end of the day the television would of course, not be free. I guess, this shows that consumers out there are doing their homework, especially since it involves hard-earned money. But I digress.

What I wanted to say was that it could actually be feasible to actually buy houses (yes, you read that right) using that square piece of plastic instead of taking home loans. Apparently some people overseas do that. Come to think of it, why not? Since more companies are offering better financial value like 0% balance transfers and lower interest charges.I don't think that this is practised in Malaysia. Or is it? Wouldn't that be cool if you could actually say that you bought your current home using your credit card? But before you do such a thing i suggest you compare credit card offers to see how many credit card reward points you could acquire if you're dead serious about swiping your card for a house.

Anyway, for credit card news and other information regarding this matter you could actually visit the sites in the links above to learn more.


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