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I <3 you PPP.

*Sponsored post*

Interesting information which one can learn from the internet nowadays. I know I sound just so darned money-minded nowadays (please stop agreeing with me on that, thanks very much!) but it is just so hard to stop thinking in my current frame of mind. Money money money. Cash, dough, and a host of other terms mean the same thing; those pieces of paper and rounds of metal which make the world go round.

Call me biased, but I realize that blogging with PayPerPost (hereby known as PPP) is just so rewarding (for all parties involved) in terms of money. Ever since PPP made changes, well, the new segmentation system rewards bloggers who have high traffic blogs. No bullcrap here; there are USD 1,000 opportunities available (but sadly, I don't qualify for them since my blog is not high traffic enough. If you're kind enough, spread the word about my random rubbish blog so I can qualify, please?).

Other interesting information which i found out was that PPP does charge a service fee (obviously-lah, since there are such things called bills to be paid, besides maintaining the website too), which is only 35% compared to ReviewMe(another site offering almost the same service as PPP) which charges a 100% fee! Gosh, that's like taking half of the blogger's money for every post taken. Besides, ever since the changes have been implemented at PPP, this means that us bloggers at PPP get to take 3 paid opportunities every day. This can only translate into one thing ; more and more money for us!

Obviously since low-traffic bloggers like me are still taking opportunities,this means that I am making money. PPP with its blog marketing strategy is an excellent choice for low-traffic and high-traffic bloggers. So if you do sign up, please put my gmail as your reference yah, and remember, disclosure is always required as one of the terms and conditions. What do you have to hide anyway? You're making money AND doing this legally.


PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!