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Random pictures, because I can.

Been looking through my collection of photos taken in 2009, and just wanted to post some.

A while ago Walkers crisps company had a competition where 6 selected crisps flavours were up for the public to decide which one would be added permanently to the already extensive selection of flavours. Seriously, I only liked the taste of the onion-bhaji crisps. The squirrel-flavoured one tasted of wood -__-"

The day I met 'The Rock'.

Okay-lah, at Madame Tussaud's.

On the same day itself I watched the boyfriend 'hamsup'get 'up close and personal' *ehem* with Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.

And then Jennifer Aniston.

And then watched in horror as he proceeded to kiss Tom Cruise wtf o_O

First time going all the way to Manchester just for 'dim sum'. I miss these two gals =/

Bei Yi, Subie, me.

I also miss my straight hair. Damnit.

Made my miniature snowman on the 2nd February.

I just realised that we will be leaving for home on this date next year. Boo to mixed feelings =/

Spring time here brought forth the most beautiful cherry blossoms (or sakura) ever. Taken right after I had my tattoo done. The area of mutilated skin was most uncomfortable under the scratchy layers of clothing okay.

No, I'm not in any part of Japan, but in Sheffield.

At Wendy's and Tom's wedding (both of them are my housemates now).

Ling Ling, Diane and I.

Food wise, one of the best ever Chinese weddings I've ever attended. No kidding.

And one of the latest photos taken, at some lake in Scotland.

Omg, I look so short next to him wtf *emo*

Okay, this could take me all day, so I'm just going to abruptly stop here.

Have a good week ahead.

ah ling

P.S: Did I mention that we will be going to Paris for the 2010 New Year countdown this year? *grins*

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