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Gucci, Prada, Fendi....

and also visited Chanel, Dior, Ferragammo, Celine, Burberry, D&G and Louis Vuitton while we were down in London.

1) Chanel in Selfridges in London only stock the Jumbo Flap in Pink or Light Green (this season's colours). Black is completely sold out, so what I might do is go down to the one in Selfridges Manchester to ask about ordering them, or to check when we go down to Paris. The search begins.

2) Currently contemplating between a Dior or LV ladies purse to replace my existing Burberry one.

3) Bought a pair of Gucci shades to add to my sunglasses collection lol. Looking for one last pair of Dior ones before we go back home.

4) Didn't know there's a Diana & Dodi Al-Fayed memorial in Harrods (There is a diamond-encrusted ring displayed in glass as well, going to find out later who's ring that was). All those times we've been there, we didn't realize that -__-"

5) Met the most friendly SA in Louis Vuitton ever in Harrods. Nice to know he's more 'approachable' as compared to many SAs in designer counters/boutiques.

6) Went for Four Seasons duck rice in Bayswater and in the one in Chinatown. Can I say that even though they are under the same company, the one in Bayswater (the last time I've been there was 2 years ago) wins hands down as the duck tastes a lot better and the service there too is a while lot better. Price wise the dishes in Bayswater are 30 pence cheaper.

For 4 of us, we ordered a whole duck, and a plate of charsiew (honey-roasted pork), had rice and tea. Price came to GBP 41.50, which is quite reasonable (if you do NOT convert).

More random ramblings later. Got to get to work soon.

ah ling

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