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More randomness then I can take.

All from my dear boyfriend and friends *keeps muttering 'I love my friends. I love my friends'*

Boyfriend today on my 'interview shoes' (4 inches of closed-toe torture) - *pointing to my shoes* "I can hear your toes screaming."

Boyfriend in ah Ying's house during Earth Hour (Earth Hour was when kind, environment-caring people were meant to turn off all lights and electrical appliances etc.) - *Him going round her house turning off lights in doorway and lamp* "We have to follow the rules."

Boyfriend today as well watching me put on makeup - "I want to wear mascara too."

And to quote someone "Knocking on the panda's door and asking if it wants to buy insurance" -__-""

Please tell me how much more randomness one can take. FML.

ah ling

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