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Doing things the Fomema way..

Our maid's contract is up for renewal soon, and so I have been put in charge of ensuring she gets her medical checkup done ASAP, if not the contract will not be renewed thus leaving us maid-less, which means I will be the maid. If we let the maid agency do this on our behalf, they charge approximately RM 400 wtf.

Anyway so far, I've bought a postal order for RM 190 (it's RM 180 if it's for a male foreign worker). Bank drafts or money orders work fine too, as long as it's made payable to : Fomema Sdn Bhd.

Then you have to download the form found HERE and fill it in before bringing it there. When choosing which doctor to go to (list of doctors can be found in the website above), I'd recommend that you choose a clinic with an x-ray facility if possible, so you don't have to go to 2 different places). Also the front page of the worker's passport, and the entry permit pages has to be photostatted.

Then the boyfriend and I went to Block G in Pusat Bandar Damansara. Please look for the Fomema signboards. We actually went up to the old office in the same block, and was surprised to see it locked up -__-"

There, we handed in the:
2)Postal order
3)photostatted copies of passport and entry permit

Today I've already taken my maid to the clinic behind my house for the medical checkup, and so now, we have to wait for the results before being able to proceed.
10 working days, baby. And results are also checkable online.


More on other stuff later, I'm just sleepy now *dozing off*

ah ling

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