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Pimp my Apple iTouch.

After sulking over the fact that casings/covers for the Apple iPhone are wayyyyyy cheaper than those available for the iTouch, I still went ahead and bought one for my iTouch.

Why? Simply because:

1) I NEEDED a cover for my iTouch


2) I don't have an iPhone -__-

So I pimped my iTouch. In fact, I got the special 'limited edition' tinted protective film thingy for the screen, so now the screen looks super black.

Yeah. The little joys of life which intrigue us humans and keep us happy.

Oh and by the way, I'll pray and offer a whole roasted pig keep my fingers crossed the boyfriend will take care of it and my PS2 when I leave in approximately a month's time.

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come to me... come to me *chants*

oh look! the PS2 and ipod have miraculously grown little feet and run away! *innocent look index fingers touching whistling looking away*

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