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Lake district getaway.

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I remember staying at a friend's place in Bristol. Since she was out working for the better part of the day for most days, I would normally hang out alone at home, and hang out in one of her house mate's room. See, the guy was studying to be a teacher and one of the subjects he would teach was geography. He came up with an interactive quiz for his students one day, and I took the quiz for fun. Guess what?

I freakin' failed that quiz meant for 13 year olds.

But I digress.
At least I knew about Lake District.

What the quiz (or my friend's house mate) didn't tell me about was that Lake District offers a whole lot of fun things to do and see. Yeah, sure, any smart person should be able to tell from the name 'Lake District' that there are lots of bodies of water there. But what most people probably do not know is that if they are planning for a holiday there, they can also go on a hot air balloon ride! How cool is that? Getting a nice, undisturbed view of the countryside up in the air.

Also golfers need not feel neglected, as there are many picturesque golf courses to tee off from. As corny as it sounds, honestly, England is a land of picturesque places, all the more since I come from a city where concrete and steel are the norm, not the countryside. Anyhow, the rugged beauty of Lake District is indeed a sight to behold, regardless of what activity one indulges in there.

Oh and by the way, if you do intend to make Lake District a 'must-visit' on your travel list, try checking out the Lake District Hotel as the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere there just blends in with the place.


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