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They got our horoscope predictions right this time/ updates in my life / I could have died.

Believe it or not, the horoscope prediction in a daily for pigeon and I were quite accurate yesterday.

Pigeon's (Aries) : yadayada something about having a romantic evening. *Check!*

Mine (Capricorn) : yadayada something about a friend who normally doesn't ask for favors would ask me for a favor. *Check!!*

Of course most of the time these predictions are not accurate, and anyway, these are all cheap thrills, wouldn't you agree?


I'm free. The taste of freedom never felt this good. Finally I can wake up as late as I want and not have to panic about not getting to work on time.

It didn't feel good to leave the office, btw.

Everyone was being so nice (but then again, they are nice people), it felt kind of sad to say goodbye. I have to say that some of my ex-colleagues thought I was going off to either:

a) further my studies
b) work in another company
c) get married, wtf -___-

Thank you for all the farewell feasts and hugs. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision, but then again, once it has been made there's really no point in wondering, is there? No regrets in this life, I shall have.


Pigeon has been so patient lately, I almost feel sorry for him because I know I can be a very veryveryveryveryextremely trying person to be with at times. I'm sorry, beebee. Truly I am. Thank you for not running me over with my car and then pissing on me putting up with me, yeah? Please understand that it's not easy for me to pack up and leave and be all adventurous and then be all perky and happy. I was. Before we got together. And then what happened? We got together. Not saying that any of this is your fault, it's just that I feel uber-stressed out relocating to a different continent out there in the big, bad world for the next one year or so. There, I've said (typed) it out. Sure, fun to be leaving your homeland. But no fun being stressed =(

Sometimes we all forget that we are just human.


This is turning out to be a super long-ass blog post, but honestly I have this urge to just type away.

I could have very nearly died the other day. No shit. I'm still alive though, so thank you God for not letting this pureinnocentandcute girl die. The fact that it could have been ME didn't really sink in until much later. It's quite sad that such unfortunate circumstances have to happen before we realize that life is actually short, and it should be treasured.


I think that's all for now. Yam pondering over what to wear to a cocktail party later. Sigh. Should be an interesting event. It better be.

P.S: I've made up my mind about something. I hope the boyfriend will understand what and why I'm doing this and that he will find happiness in my decision. *sigh* Do I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS?

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eh, can I take the next plane and bunk at your place whenever I feel like leaving KL for awhile? Heh.

heheh, if you don't mind enduring the long-hour flight then sure =) Me no mind wan..

ooo.. long hours flight? no problemo! with a good book + ipod.. MmmMmm..

so long u no mind.. me rolling around your house.. HAHAHAHA

Im such a cheapskate.. i opt for cheap holidays.. HAHAHAHA

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