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Got my shirtdress, finally! / Confidence is created and nurtured - Thank you darling!/ unwarranted nuclear explosion

Something like
Michael Kors shirtdress
. Mine is without the belt and the two buttons on the chest though. And of course I had to get it in black (not khaki/brown).

Now, yam trying to look for a nice belt to go with it and shoes and a handbag too of course!


Confidence is created, by the way. Thank you so much darling for teaching me to carry myself better and also for all the pointers along the way.

Last week, I went to a cocktail party held in Ampang by a property developer and thanks to a friend for an invite.

Let's see. Normally under other circumstances, I would absolutely have NOT gone. But hey, I did, in the end.

Someone remarked that my RM 20 something dress was really nice and wondered if I had it tailored.

A lawyer tried remarked on my confidence and tried to hit on me.

So it really is true; it's not really about the brand, it's the way you wear it huh.
But I would prolly have to say that thanks to Marc Jacobs and his ingenuity in designing the Louis Vuitton line, accessories do make one hell of a difference to one's outfit.

I want a Chanel next.


I'm really proud of the way things were handled the past few days when we were down in Malacca. Bloody hell, things were damn 7 havoc man.

Luckily it wasn't me in the situation, else I would have exploded so freaking bad, people checking out Google Earth would have called CNN to report a nuclear explosion somewhere in Ujong Pasir in Malacca.

However, the situation did reinforce my principle that respect just has to be EARNED and not given, regardless how many donkey years older you are than me. Fuck your bad temper and your bid to exert that "I am ALWAYS right because I am".

I see now what horrendous circumstances life has been for pigeon, and I really have to say that suddenly, my life just doesn't seem so bad after all.

Enough ranting. I just want to calm down because I am going to try not to let others anger me just because they are twats.

ah ling

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