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A few more reason why I <333 my other half.

- He takes me out for brunches/lunches/dinners (no breakfast, both of us just can't seem to wake up before 12pm)

- He is more than happy to take me along on outings with friends

- He puts up with my random rubbish/tantrums and tries to cheer me up

And as of today........ *drum roll throws confetti in air*

He was kind enough to agree to pay for part of whatever bag I'm getting next *rubs hands*. I was practically shouting "Deal!!" and "I'll take it!!!" in Seoul Garden Korean BBQ restaurant earlier today when he told me "It's either that or nothing. Take it or leave it".


Lubchu darling, and it's not only because of all this reasons. Sometimes one just cannot explain the way things are.

the delusional hammie

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