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Screw handbags, we're going for gold.

I've got 'babies' from Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, LV, Anya, Coach, Tous, Burberry and more.

I've 'seen the light'.

These 'babies' decrease in value everyday. So I've decided not to purchase handbags anymore and to buy precious metals and precious stones instead ok, for the time being anyway. Did I mention I just bought a Dior wallet?!

Good idea right! *depressed suddenly feeling very old* -__-"

Have a good week ahead.

ah ling

p.s: Birthstone for April is the diamond. Saw a lovely oval-shaped one today which I like, price before discount is around RM25k though. *HINT HINT HINT*

p.p.s: Dear BB,
the keywords here are 'discount' and 'I like'!!


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