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Turning 18, for the 8th year in a row.

My boss asked me yesterday, 'How old are you tomorrow?'

I answered '18 years old!' and the whole office heard our exchange wtf.

The BB surprised me with my fav chocolate cake (with pretty pink flowers n icing), and a mug with a piece of paper inside wtf. Actually he meant it as a 'treasure hunt' with the piece of paper having my first clue written on it. but I FOUND my present BEFORE i even knew there was going to be a treasure hunt hurhurhur damnit I'm good

Thank you BB. Damnit, you really are romantic enough but your lying is kinda sucky, hahah@ *kisses*

Actually a few days ago he already stressed, and kept stressing that I should not expect any surprise, and I said it was perfectly fine. After all he did get me 4 different Thomas Sabo charm bracelets, each with their own charms, and that should have been enough presents to last me till next birthday.

Snippets of that conversation:

Him: I'm sorry there will be no surprise present or cake. I'm too busy.
Me: It's okay! But there are the perfect partners who fly back overseas from their job, plan and throw a surprise party, give birth to kittens, dress up as a flying ninja and pick their nose all at the same time. You can't even give birth to kittens!
Him: (censored: something about mating with kittens) I can pick my nose!
Me: ....*gives up hope dies*

Me: BB i want a Chanel bag please! I said please!
Him: *pointing to crotch* Please cut it off so I can be a prostitute! (meaning 'I have to whore myself to buy you one')
Me: -____-"

I love you BB, let's enjoy our Vietnam trip!

ah ling


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