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Till bikini waxing do we part...and let's talk about hairless pussy

Today, I nearly died on the waxing table. It was an extremely painful (comparable to time I got tattooed) affair.

Photo credit from HERE

I laughed and laughed in pain. No tears *proud of self*! Surprisingly I felt no shame at 'spreading my legs wide open' for a total stranger to prod and pull and peek at my *ehem*. Prolly cos all my dignity vanished as soon as the bikini wax technician 'announced' loudly to the roomful of waiting people that I was having waxing done o.O

I swear to God humans are weird creatures, yes we are. We work our butts off to pay ridiculous amounts of money to put ourselves through the most torturous things we can fathom. Repeat cycle.

Bali in 3 days, bitches.

ah ling

P.S: A hairless pussy is easier to maintain. No kidding. Really! See below to understand that I'm not just talking cock.

Check out the hairless and wrinkly pussy below:

FML What were you thinking about?! -__-"" Tsktsktsk.

Enough pussy talk. Laters.

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You will get used to it. I have been doing for a year already and I have to go visit them when its about time.haha

for your first wax.You think uncomfortable thoughts, nagged on about the stories about unpleasant discomfort. Once you get past that, you become more prepared for your next bikini waxing experience.
Brazilian wax

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