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Cat abuser says "sorry", "sorry" my f*cking foot.

I put "Sorry" in inverted commas.

Because I do not think that she was sorry at all. Yes, maybe sorry for getting caught. Maybe she is sorry because her mother who is also a single parent (since when does being the child of a single parent give you the right to use your family background to murder animals!?!?!) had to close her 'chee cheong fan' stall. But sorry for murdering the poor kitten?? HAHFUCKINGHAH.

Screw your excuses. Screw your insincere sorry. Screw your police report which contained your address btw since you were afraid of those threats. Screw your apology letter. SCREW YOU.

I'm no cat lover, but as an animal lover, whatever you did was simply deplorable and inhumane.

I know of friends who come from broken families. I know of people who have had their whole families perish in horrific accidents. I have friends who come from single parent families. Friends who have never known one of their parents. Hey, EVERYBODY HAS PROBLEMS, BE IT FAMILY, MONETARY, PERSONAL OR ALL OF THE ABOVE. And guess what you twat? NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAVE ACTED THE WAY YOU DID.

I truly believe you are mentally-disturbed, but I think you were well aware of whatever you did. To smack the kitten repeatedly with your umbrella and then walk off only to return later to throw the kitten's body and stomp on it and then kicking it aside.

Your mother, the sole bread-winner for your family, should watch the video, and then maybe she can fully comprehend whatever we are all angry about.

Monster. I've seen more remorse on dead fish.

Thriving on 3 hours plus of sleep on Sunday was well worth it for me. But obviously you wouldn't dare come down to face us, the angry crowd innit?

Spot the ah ling. Us looking at the police report. Picture from Komunitikini.

We were also quite disappointed at DAP. You may insist that you have no political agenda towards this whole incident, but by doing certain things on Sunday, you certainly implied otherwise.

And as for Jabatan Perhilitan who were present with the books 'Laws of Malaysia'?
We cannot accept your answers. The suspect is no longer a suspect since she has admitted to all and 'apologised'. The video is concrete evidence. What are you going on and on about for about having to 'investigate'?! WTF?! And then what, RM200 fine?

I'm not even going to put your picture on my blog, because:
1. I can't bear to stand the sight of you
2. People actually pay good money to advertise on my site, hence talking about you in a couple of blog posts is enough, don't want your face to be here too.
3. I feel like you
4. I hate you
5. I hate you

For those who would like to see what she looks like, click HERE.

To sign a petition to push for much-needed punishment for animal abusers, please click HERE.

Chow Xiao Wei, I hope that kitten haunts you till your dying days. Don't forget about dear Karma who is a bitch.

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