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ah ling punya store

Ted Baker sandals, nike shoes, branded bags, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse dresses and many more to come hopefully before I lose my enthusiasm to take pictures and upload them.

Have decided that having a mountain of clothes, shoes and bags in my room is not going to do me any good, all the more since I have never or hardly used most of my stuff. Having given aways literally many boxes of clothing and more, my room was de-cluttered. And then along came the boxes we shipped from our life in UK.

And so, quite reluctantly, I am selling my stuff =/ Kinda sad but hey! Might as well sell them to people who will use them right?

One of the items on sale there:

My beloved Ted Baker sandals =(

Hop on over to ahlingpunyastore to see if anything catches your fancy. Let me know if the prices are workable, gimme feedback, leave me a comment marriage proposals accepted too, anything!

ah ling

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