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I'm on a Thomas Sabo shopping spree...

Yes, because I can! *woohoo! throws confetti and hamsters* When we were in UK, we didn't want to buy Thomas Sabo products because we were thinking what a waste of money it would be. In fact, my charm bracelet + charms are a present from the boyfriend. And then, coming back I regret not buying more -__-"" so now shop for more-lah!

Also I am slightly constipated and cranky. It's all the carbs, I'm telling you

Having a slightly confusing experience sorting out the paperwork for the new 'toy'. It's DONE. I've signed for it. We are about to start paying for it too. Yes, we are legally the new owners of an apartment. At the price we will pay for it, 1238 square-feet is such a bargain! I love going into the basement parking; there's natural forests around. Better savour the amazing green sight before it is gone.

ah ling

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:-) Good for u!

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