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Getting inked soonGot inked, hopefullyFINALLY.

First of all, why the hell did I get cherry blossoms done on my back?

Well, googled around to find the meanings of cherry blossom tattoos before deciding to get it done, and according to this site and many others, cherry blossoms hold different meanings in both Japanese and Chinese culture. Too tired to elaborate about their meanings here, so check out the site above. Or just google 'meaning of cherry blossom tattoos' if you wish.
And I also decided to get five open blossoms, each one representing a member of my immediate family.

As stated in the teaser post earlier, here are more photos of the tattooing process which I underwent nearly a week ago.

Starting off, I thought to myself ,'Hey, the pain is not so bad'.
Less than 10 minutes later, the realization that I had 5 flowers and a branch to be tattooed sunk in. I totally look like the epitome of calm in the pictures, but what they don't show is my toes curling from all the pain, and my fingernails digging into the chair.

The first flower:

Tattoo artist Tacho (he's Argentinian, and specializes in Japanese-style tattoos) at work.

Close-up of the needle.

The boyfriend (and cameraman) still being able to happily camwhore.

First flower done! I remember thinking to myself, shite, 4 more to go.

Obviously, my attempts at being a cute camwhore was marred by the pain. My face has taken on a 'WTF whatever' look here.

Second flower done! It's not blood you see smeared all over, rather it's the ink. A few people thought it was blood. Actually, I thought so too, until I asked the boyfriend and he said it was ink. -___-

And so the EXTREMELY painful process went on and on until 2 hours later when FINALLY! Done!

Finished work. Tacho took pictures of my back to add to his portfolio, heh. I think it will be the first realistic cherry blossoms there, because prior to getting inked, I flipped through his numerous portfolio designs, and all I could find was not really realistic ones, more block images? But of which the colour shading was nice as well.

The next morning, this is what I found on my t-shirt.

Started panicking like hell, especially since the tattoo started 'weeping', and it stuck to my t-shirt during the night since I must have slept on it by accident.

Anyway, it's healing fine now, just that it itches like hell since the skin is still peeling. The huge scabs have fallen off though, just the tiny bits of skin still needs to fall off.

Just after tattooing, the boyfriend helped me apply Bepanthen (forgot how to spell it) on it after washing everyday. When the scabs started shedding, then I stopped using that and have started using E45 cream instead (non-perfumed, non-greasy moisturizer).

Parents seem to like the design and the fact that I got one for each member of the family. Mummy didn't see it from the webcam properly at first, and she asked me why I got clusters of red leaves wtf.

For all you people out there thinking of getting a tattoo, well, great! =) I love mine, and my only regret is that I can't see it myself, so everytime I feel like admiring it I have to see it from a mirror =/ Will I be getting another one? No definite plans for that yet, we'll see how it goes ^_^

ah ling

P.S: Thanks to the boyfriend for helping me take care of the healing process of my tattoo, enduring me shouting obscenities when helping me clean my tattoo and also for taking all these pictures. Muaxxxxxxx.

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that. is. one. awesome. tattoo :)

cheers! I just saw your comment, hahahha..

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