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Google G1 Android a.k.a. HTC Dream

As blogged about (and from) my new Google G1 Android phone, well, just to show you guys what the box looks like because I can.

The boyfriend knew I've been wanting a new phone (since my, well, one of his Nokia phones which I am using for my Vodaphone line has a tendency like it's current owner to hang up on people). At first I was adamant I wanted an iPhone (white,16G), but he kept telling me about the pros and cons (actually I already knew about most of them hor, just that iPhones are cool!), and then that day he asked me if I was alright with the Google G1 phone and he came back with one. Lol. I think this phone is pretty cool as well, heheh.

The (almost) all black box with G1 emblazoned on the front.

Hello baby!

Just realized that our laundry basket is in the picture as well.

It's the first time I'm using a phone which slides open sideways!

To be honest, I'm still getting used to a phone which doesn't require a stylus to get around, since it has a touch screen as well as keyboard. Was telling the boyfriend that I found it weird navigating around without the presence of up,down, left and right arrows, and he pointed out that there is actually a mini mouse -___-

Showed my parents the phone yesterday through MSN's video call, and I can see my dad wants one. Unfortunately, I don't think I can purchase one off the shelf here, as for the time being it's exclusive to T-Mobile in the UK, and it's a 35 pound a month contract (600? 700? minutes, unlimited texts to any networks and unlimited internet access) which the boyfriend is paying, thanks very much sayang!!.

It's just like a mini-computer, the start up time from turning the phone on felt longer to me as compared to turning on my previous 02 Atom PDA. Zooming in and out on the screen while browsing requires buttons, and I feel it's a lot easier to zoom in and out on an iPhone, as you can just 'pinch' the screen.

Typing texts/web urls are a lot easier with the keypad though, which rocks, really, compared to the iPhone's on-screen keyboard.

My Gmail account is linked to my phone, so I always check my emails nowadays (but find them a bit of a hassle to reply from the G1).

And yeah, just wanted to blog about my new toy...am still playing around with the applications though, God knows how long it will be before I become fully acclimatised to this smartphone.

Thank you again very much beebee....MUAXXXX

ah ling

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