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Getting inked soon, hopefully. - Part 3

Yes, I'm getting it done tomorrow, and I'm as nervous and excited as a super-neurotic sleep-deprived hamster on crack you can imagine.

Some of the cherry blossom flower designs I've pondered over included these:

All pictures taken from ratemytattoo.com

More on why I decided on cherry blossom flowers and the design I've chosen in another blog post.

The boyfriend is accompanying me into the room to see me suffer for moral support. If he ends up with broken fingers on one hand, it would mean that I squeezed too hard wtf.

ah ling

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All the best! Hope it does not hurt...

I wonder if you could down like half a bottle of chivas and then get inked? is that physically possible? *wonders*

Hope the design is nice...

i didn't get it done...yet. They called me to let me know the artist is sick, wtf...

and how come you stopped blogging in your dotcom?

omg... wtf... that sucks man.. Imagine all the anticipation for pain and the fucker fly kites.

About me not blogging. No time le.. Brother keep flying around, me have to help take care of the kids with poonam, rohen just enter hospital with really high fever today, suspect denggi by doctor, I have to juggle work and exercises from treadmill to weights.. damn tired wei...

Sorry eh... you call me today.. did not pick. I fainted in the hospital with rohen and phone was on silent and my line just got barred and salary ain't out till end of the month.

Do take care and I saw your bag.. Damn 7 big.. now you can keep your bf in the bag.. can be your doraemon pouch lei...

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