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Living in disbelief / licking Tom Cruise

True, weird things have happened in my life.

This time around, it has to be one of the totally unexpected twists so far.

I've had to swallow my words many times over.
I've told him in jest before that I rather erm, (insert expletive here) a horse than him, if he were the last guy alive on earth.



Even if you never read this, well, I just want to say that I'm just glad that we've established what sort of relationship we're in, bee.

Question : What could be more unexpected than me trying to lick an unsuspecting wax figurine of Tom Cruise?


Answer: This relationship.

ah ling

P.S: I know this is kinda outta place (and a bit stale news for me), but I am officially on a sunglasses ban after buying my Chanel sunglasses. Just thought I'd post this since summer is coming and there are so many nice pairs of shades EVERYWHERE. Must. Resist.

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