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6th blood donation in my life.

Okay, ignore the fact that I "donate" blood unwillingly every month.

Went to donate blood yesterday, and have never felt so much discomfort with the needle in my arm before. For the first time ever, the drop of blood which they take from your finger to test if you have enough iron in your blood, DID NOT SINK wtf. The second drop floated for a little bit, then decided to sink a little. The third drop sunk really really really slowly (slower than me getting out of bed in the mornings).

Where the needle was stuck in my arm, after some time I saw a little blood leaking out of the place where the needle was jabbed in and I started half-laughing half-grimacing (in case you don't know, I only do that when I feel too grossed out. Yes, I can't stand needles and seeing blood. Period jokes aside, please).

And this the blood donation seemed to go on like forever. Prolly cos' ever since coming over here I hardly eat as much meat as I did back in Malaysia. Sigh.

Anyhow, got Kit-Kats to eat after, yay! (How greedy I must sound)

And hopefully the blood will help someone who needs it.

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