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Belated unwrapping post...- Prada Large Shopper bag.

Yeah, supposed to post this up so long ago, but was too goddamned lazy to do so. Now, I'm blogging about it because I just got another new baby today (the first for this year!!)..

Anyway, here are the pictures..

Yup, don't really know why I got the Prada Large Shopper bag, but it fits damn 7 lots of stuff, it's black (stains can't really be seen =)), it turns into a slingbag with the additional strap, the fabric is waterproof as well (that's why it looks so shiny in the picture above, because of the camera's flash).

In real life, the colour looks like this:

And that's pretty much the pictures of my belated unwrapping post.

Just got my latest baby today (as a result of online shopping at 4 am in the freaking morning during my last bout of mild temporary insomnia approximately 4 days ago).

'Bayi' aku ini dibeli punya-lah. Bukan 'dibuat' pada pukul empat pagi okay. (Translation of Malay sentences = This 'baby' of mine is bought. Not 'made' at 4 in the morning -___-)

Anyway, 'baby's' family name starts with a 'B' and ends with an 'a'. Happi guessing for now =)

ah ling

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hate you and your Prada...
By da way, I have another pair of Guess....muahahaha, coz I dun find any nice deal at Aldo

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