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Move to Arizona if you like hot climates!

Just a couple of weeks ago it was snowing like crazy! Thank goodness it stopped snowing and the ice has all melted. However, the highest the temperature has been here the past 2 weeks has only been up to around 9-10 degrees Celcius. That's it. No wonder it is so COLD. Apparently it is currently around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Arizona, which means that it is around 22 degrees Celcius with mostly sunshine. I AM SO JEALOUS.

In the meantime, instead of sitting around and moaning about the lack of warm weather here in Sheffield, I am checking out the listings of the
homes in Scottsdale.

Besides the service of listing properties for sale or helping clients procure the right properties, I like the fact that there is the option of going One On One if you require that aspect of service. What it means is that if you are a celebrity or anyone requiring privacy and anonymity in their real estate transactions, you can buy or sell your properties without the whole world knowing about your transactions.

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