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How was your Valentine's Day?

Before I continue with this entry, I just wanna say thank you to those who called/texted me to wish me Happi Valentine's Day from Malaysia. Muacks.


Walking around the city centre yesterday, I saw many girls holding flowers, bouquets or otherwise. I saw something very interesting though.

This one chinese couple was holding hands, and they must have quite obviously gone shopping, for the guy was holding loads of plastic bags and his girl's hand. The girl, however, was holding his hand and a broom. Not just any broom, but a blue broom wtf. And she was happily swinging it. -___- I know they definately went shopping for cleaning equipment, but it looked like she got a blue broom for V Day wtf.


My Valentine's Day this year was interesting to say the least. Got stuck with my friend in her car on the way back from work, since something went wrong with her car's brakes, and the AA had to come rescue us. The tow truck driver was nice enough to send us home to different places o_O

And then I got this:

Thank you for remembering that I love white lilies and for making me very happi =)

ah ling

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