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Magnetic therapy for drug-free pain relief for both humans and animals.

Injuries can be quite literally a pain in the (fill in the blank with the word of your choice). Despite being careful, one can suffer from injuries by accident. Gosh, and taking painkillers are no fun either. Especially if you are aware that being dependant on them is not a good thing, and it is even worse if they are not effective in the long run.

I can blog about painkillers not working from experience with the pain in my coccyx (the little tail bone at the end of my spine), as after a couple of months, the painkillers prescribed didn't work at all, and I had to switch to another stronger type, which I gave up taking eventually as I didn't feel too comfortable taking them everyday for months.

Luckily for me the pain went away eventually (but it still hurts me every now and then, especially if i have been sitting on hard surfaces for too long a time), but I do digress.

I wish I had a more natural form of healing product, especially since I found out about Magnetic Therapy Products. They specialise in all forms of magnetic therapy products, and proudly proclaim themselves the specialists in drug-free pain relief and holistic magnetic therapy. If you're a bit lost there reading that, well, basically it just means that there are alternative ways to treat pain WITHOUT being ingesting chemicals (drugs) and they are the specialists in that.

They also have products for animals, which I think is wonderful! It really sucks to see your pet suffering from arthritis and it sucks even more because you fell so lost and do not know how to ease their suffering. Yes, my poor dog. And the memory has stuck with me even after all these years =(

Just have a look, and read up on their testimonials and you should get a better idea that there is an alternative way to relieve pain, and it can be done, drug-free.

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