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My plant is smarter than your plant because my plant is a blogging plant.


A blogging plant, wtf.

And NO, you really are about to read about a blogging plant. Except that it isn't my plant, and I'm not typing this before/during/after smoking crack. I don't smoke crack-lah!

There really is a blogging plant in Japan wtf. And it's name is Midori (you may call her? it??! Midori-san though).
What's next?! Hooking up a hamster to the Internet and teaching it to run specified number of turns on the wheel to log-in to Blogspot?

Anyway, Midori-san's typical blog entry is as thus : "Today was a sunny day and I was able to sunbathe a lot. I had quite a bit of fun today."

Well, if it were my plant, it's blog's entry would prolly reflect the torture it goes through daily, with me not having green fingers and a can't-be-arsed attitude towards plant care.

Something like "Today, just like yesterday, I hate myself for being a plant.I have only one leaf left and before I can produce my own food (photosynthesis) I fear I am going to be annihilated. Yesterday a few people used my pot as an ashtray and I am going to choke from all the carbon monoxide and body odour collecting in my body."

It's a tough life being a plant, especially in the city. But at least my plant can be proud of its' vocabulary, hurhurhur.

To see the
blogging plant in Japan
click on the link.

P.S: Must.Blog.More.Can't.Lose.To.A.Plant wtf.

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