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Sheffield Oriental Night Party @ Embrace

Let's see..Embrace is a nightclub in Sheffield. It consists of 5 rooms. And I realize that the above sentences sound as if I am writing an essay or I have written them under the influence of substances.

On Tuesday, well, we attended the Oriental Night Party @ Embrace, and made it into a reunion of ex-coursemates. Well, those who were around, anyway.

Shite, what a horridly unflattering angle for me. I swear my stomach is a lot flatter than that!! And this is like the only picture of us girls together leh!

Shubie, Xerri, Cheryl, Beiyi & I (Xerri & Beiyi came down all the way from Belbur!)

Actually, I found another picture of us girls only..
Much better..

This time with Jeremy, ah Yong and Peter.

And I know I'm digressing but Jeremy's blog has damn 7 lot of pictures (unlike mine) and well, it's interesting to note that he documents his travels so well.

And Peter, well, let's just say that on that day he was suffering from a truly horrible adverse reaction to seafood, and that his eyes were a whole lot better than before leaving the house. He decided to be a 'Korean' on that day, lol..Anhansayeoh..How do you say it?! Lol... Damn kesian wei..

And there was a panda. Seriously, a panda (Well, two, actually) in Embrace, beat that!!

Okay-lah, I lied. It was actually a guy dressed like a panda (Eh, hello? Halloween is on the 31st!).

So we took pictures with the panda.

And acted chio with it.

Give me a real breathing chubby panda any day though.

Like the ones in the picture above, except real pandas would prolly be right dangerous to play with if they weren't caged.

ah ling : Here panda panda panda *Sticks out hand to pat it*
Panda : Grrrrowwwwwwllllllllll! *bites hand*

See, this is what I mean, wtf. If my very own Candy the labrador could bite me (luckily labradors don't have sharp teeth!!) playfully, how about a panda? *Shudders*
Hamsters bite as well, and they hurt and hamsters have TINY teeth and penises too, come to think of it wtf, so how about a panda?!

Shut up ah ling.

Well, I will always be me, and guys will always be guys... LOL!! Tsktsktsk..*Shakes head*

Enough blogging!!

ah ling

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Hrmm... Party at embrace looks happening. OMG! I laugh so hard about the panda chomping on your hand. LOL! Not that I like it though. By the way, how come I get to see my girlfriend's hand is around somebody's arm in his blog? Just kidding.. You know I love you..

yeah, i always get bitten =(
LOL! you actually visited his blog ar? heheheh....muaxx

You know what dear, I honestly forgot
I put my hand around his arm...-__-

ah ha! I sense a scandal here.

You're delusional...go and sleep *Shoo*

Haha! do you understand now on our little discussion on MSN? This is why la.

I know!! That's why i was like -__-""""" wtf x 1000 after seeing the picture...lol..


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