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I'm moving to my own room!!

Yeah! Got the keys from the landlord already and my current room mate helped me move some stuff down. To be more precise, loads of plastic bags and I brought down my luggage bag which I use for hand luggage.

Lots more things to be moved though, like my laptop, my clothes in the wardrobe, toiletries, big luggage bag, more plastic bags full of untouched shopping stuff, underwear, etc., you get the point.

And also have to go buy bed covers for the bed leh. Happy days!

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Im happy for also... Jia yu yiling!! U r so independ n u r now my learning model (bitchy-ness)... Haha
too bad u were excluded me in ur luggage.. Sob Sob..

excuse me ar? i learnt how to be bitchy from YOU, and you learnt how to be cute, innocent and pure from ME okay...ahahaha

you can't fit in my luggage lar, you didn't allow me to chop off your legs so couldn't fit lor..

when are you coming over to visit me leh? lol.

you are right also... I really learnt those kind of CUTE (ah... Tiaga...Tiaga "touching-touching my face and lips" )from you. Let see after peak period and if you offer me a free stay lo... Then we can "Tiaga... ah... TIaga..." together gehter again lo.. hehe

OMG!! it's TAIGA...TAIGA...*molesting own face* -__-"" oi, my bf reads my blog wan leh!! lol!! Damn funny lar you!! I'm laughing so much while typing this hehehehheh

yesyes, faster come over and visit me!!!

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