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Donny hiao hiao.

Hmmm...ever since I am not by his side, it seems that of late he has been happily taking photos WITH and OF other females and putting them in his Facebook, wtf..

AHAHAHHAA...okay, they are his colleagues.

Anyway, found this photo in his Facebook account, so I stoletook it, edited it a bit (cropped out some parts lar!), and am now posting it in my blog, lol.
I took this photo because there is like this uber 'hiao' expression on his face wtf and you can just see the cheekiness there and because I miss my bitch!him!



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I'm not always hiao one. I very pure one. I was drunk when that picture was taken. :)

you're as pure as........my arse xD

Drunk?! at work?!? bullf**king shit!!!LOL!!

weiz. apa jadi dengan lu ar? lama tak dengar bunyi..

Sam!!! I have been reading your blog...silently though...hehehe..been wanting to ask you how to password protect blogspot posts...

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