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Closet readers, I bid you hello! =) / Belly Good Restaurant - not the best place to be if you are a pig.

Was pleasantly surprised to find out that a couple of ex-course mates from uni days are my closet readers. Lol.

Actually, when I first found out, I wondered what random rubbish I'd written before on the blog and if they had read about it.

Anyway I'm at home now and bored as hell. I quit my job last week. Seriously. I left at lunchtime and called the people in charge to say I'm never going back. It was either I quit, or slog it until I go mad, or get fired. I chose the first option, and I'm sticking to it.

The boyfriend got real excited when he called me, asking me with non-concealed excitement, questions like "Did you throw the headset and walk off?!" wtf -__-"""

Yeah, enthusiasm is a bitch. Especially if it is aimed at you, and you're not really up for it. But bless, he bothered to call me and ask me if I'm alright, and that's why he is the boyfriend to ME.
The boyfriend has a non-halal post btw, so hop on over to read about his food review of Belly Good Restaurant - The Pork Lovers' Paradise which is obviously a really good place to be if you:

(a)are Human
(b)eat pork
(c)are around the PJ area

but obviously not a good place to be if you are a pig.
Okay, I am so spouting rubbish off the top of my head right now, but go read read the review leh! I wish I could go now to makan (this is what happens to bloggers who read food reviews first thing in the morning).

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